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Cusick Hacienda sunsets, from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Welcome to my reference site
This organizes my reference material, allowing you to see travel by city or country (sidebar), providing World Travel Tips, with deeper tips and recommendations as UK Travel Tips. I refer people here, as a pass-through to learn about a new international city, or simply think about travel to Europe or Africa.

With this material we re-live each adventure from time-to-time, plus share our stories of the wonderful people & cultures we’ve visited. 
We hope you're infected with our enthusiasm for seeing the world and meeting its diverse people.

UK Travel Tips

  • Visit London in August - September, those are the only months with tours of Buckingham Palace and Parliament.  Get reservations as soon as you arrive. August will have lots of Europeans on holiday. Spring and fall will also be very pleasant without the summer tourism traffic.
  • London's “Tube” provides safe and affordable transportation.  They sell an unlimited travel card within certain travel zones.  Buy a card and use it actively during the times (7:00 am to 9:00 pm) when the Tube has lots of traffic. You'll be standing up-close-and-personal with Brits and World travelers.
  • Ask for help.  The Brits love to have you visit and most will be willing to help answer questions.
  • London Pubs: a great place to ask questions. The Brits are very social and love to tell stories. Ale embellishes their animation in story telling. There's no better place to observe man and woman-kind than a British Pub.

      My Photo References

      • PhotoSig - a professional and serious amateur web site (members only). If you aspire to take better photos, here's a nice way to solicit feedback from other enthusiasts. You can view my best photographs, at My_PhotoSig.
      • Facebook - I'm learning to share a few good shots, mostly around social events that I document via photos. Lately, I've been shooting KC's new cover band, Bow Tie Affair. Anyone who knows me will recognize its lead singer, Ryan. In my 2013 Bow Tie Affair album, I'm collecting favorite shots from their gigs, including the Czar Bar (January) and the coming event at The Dubliner (March, 2013). You also may like viewing the 2012 Africa Best album from our recent trip to Africa.
      • Flickr - We all display deep sets of snapshots for select audiences. For the families of Bow Tie Affair (and serious fans), I've posted more photos from the BTA gig at the Czar Bar, Jan-2013. When you view these links, I'd recommend you select the slideshow option (see below).

        My Photo Usage Terms & Conditions

        • Flickr and Facebook photos may be downloaded. I consider them Public Domain, and ask that you honor my usage terms.
        • To download from Flickr, see the Flickr Downloads section below.
        • Attribution - Please attribute the photo with "Photos by Gary Gamso"
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        Europe Travel Tips

        • Use Google or Bing Maps for foreign city maps.  Both Bing and Google maps publish in English or the local spelling mixed with English for hotels names and restaurants.
        • I find the iPhone application City Maps 2Go Pro (by Ulmon GmbH) allowed me to download maps for all large European cities. Then, I used the map to navigate the city or simply get my bearings. I used the map with my Sprint data service turned off, to avoid high data charges on the phone. I still had voice roaming and SMS messaging for text messages, plus the iPhone’s GPS tools located me onto each city’s map at my current (…you are here…) location.
        • Look for guided walking tours in English.  Each city provides private and public tours.  Best value would be small group tour, but, we’ve found numerous private tours at great prices.
        • Europe - Use Frommer's Travel Guide (European edition) or Lonely Plannet's - Europe. Also check out Road Scholar, for adventures in lifelong learning or extended trips with a knowledgable guide.
        • Europe - We prefer seeing Europe at what Gary calls street-level: each traveler schleps their own travel gear themselves, onto trains, subways and planes; you walk the streets with a map (or iPad) in hand and find-your-own-way (or ask for directions); insert an element of planning into each day, with time available to call-an-audible and do something new you discover, particularly food; record your memories, either by sitting peacefully, observing or with technology. So, most of what you'll read here documents our adventures at street-level.

          Africa Travel Tips

          • In my opinion, you're visiting a hostile environment in Africa. This requires you use a guide during your entire journey (expensive) or meet a guide at the Safari drives like Moremi, Kalahari, Chobe, Kruger, or Hwange. Victoria Falls doesn't need a guide - use a good hotel's recommendation.
          • Travel planning - 1st time out, get good advice & use a travel guide. From friends and personal experience, I'd recommend you start with Eyes on Africa, as they provide the best fit for either 1st time visitors or seasoned travelers. They can setup luxury to roughing it (mobile safari).
          • Travel planning - pardon me, but if your an american (or european) who likes the fast-path or short trips (i.e., show me Africa in 5 days), prepare for disappointment. With weather conditions (e.g., drought or rain) and the distances between travel destinations, you'll need 2 days to get to your 1st site + 2 days to get home, plus a day of travel time between Africa destinations. Plan 14 to 16 days and enjoy the rich diversity from what you’ll see in Europe, Asia or the Americas.
          • Recommendation - For photographers, the deepest, most rich Africa animal and landscape experience, might be Unlimited Tours & Safari's. They offer full-service and lower-priced participation safaris. Moses Ntema knows how to find the game and predators. Plus, as an animal and African landscape photographer, he finds great photo compositions.
          • Travel planning - Eyes on Africa has similar deep and rich immersion, using permanent or mobile camps on the periphery of game reserves.
          • Travel planning - I'd recommend you answer these questions as you plan your trip to Africa:
            • Do we see lots of animals?
            • Do we learn something new about Africa, animals or wildlife photography?
            • Are we safe throughout our journey?
            • Are we comfortable during the trip, considering the safari trips, campsites, food, intoxicants, conversations, bugs, communications, and basic cleanliness? Some of this you can only answer through comments, blogs and stories from the many, many people who precede you.
          • Travel planning - I've been convinced to enroll with Medjet Assist for short-term travel protection.
          • Learn before you leave - If you don't have a friend with whom to travel (who knows the landscape), you should look to the great resources available for African Safaris. I've identified a few of these resources: Africa Safaris and Holidays, a web site devoted to Africa travel. You'll get quite an education on the many, many choices you have for an Adventure to Africa. At a minimum, read about visiting Kruger National Park and Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe). You'll also read about the many private game reserves in Africa, if you want a more "high-end" experience (i.e., more animal spotting, less time).
          • Learn before you leave - I find Frommer's Travel Guide and Lonely Planet - Africa provide the best international planning and education sites.   Frommer's Africa - Exploring the Area, for example, helped understand the 3 distinct areas within Kruger National Park. We decided to see the central area they call the "Zoo." And, we saw the southern area of Kruger, called the "Circus," for its wealth of animals and self-drive people, sometimes clashing a bit.

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